Question:     What trading platform required for this EA?
Answer: This EA can be used only on MT4 terminal.

Question:     Does it work on all type of spreads?
Answer: Spread should be narrow for this EA. I strongly suggest to use broker who provides not more than 1.0 pip(10 points) spread. If there is commission on each trade, that won't be a problem.

Question:     So, can you summarize all or main requirements related to EA with my broker's MT4?
  • Broker must be 5-digit.
  • This EA can be used on Minute-15 Timeframe only.
  • Spread should not more than 1.0 pip.
  • Stoplevel/Freezelevel should be zero. [What is Stoplevel/Freezelevel?]
  • Latency should be very low. [Click here to know more about latency and it's impact on our EA]
  • This EA has 2 parameters Broker_GMT & ForexFactory_Gmt. GMT settings must be correct. [Click here to know more about GMT Offset impact on our EA]
  • We have well tested our EA on Tickmill-Pro, FxOpen, ICMarkets

  • Question:     Can I use this EA on any currency pair?
    Answer: You can use this EA almost on all major currency pairs such as GBPUSD, EURUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY etc. [We recommend GBPUSD pair for better results and using in our accounts too]

    Question:     Will you firmly suggest a broker and currency pair and its time frame for this EA?
    Answer: My strong recommendations are:
  • Broker >>> Tickmill-Pro, FxOpen, ICMarkets
  • Currency pair >>> GBPUSD on Minute-15 timeframe

  • Question:     Should I choose any specific broker like STP/ECN etc.
    Answer: This EA can be used with all brokers who meet the above requirements in their MT4.

    Question:     Should I need any specific account type like cent/micro/standard for better performance?
    Answer: You can use any account type. But again I say that your account type and broker must meet the above requirements.

    Question:     My broker doesn't allow hedging. Can I still use this EA?
    Answer: Of course! there is a parameter, Hedging=true/false. You can set it false for your broker. But it's TRUE value is strongly recommended. So you should use EA on the broker who allows hedging in MT4.

    Question:     Any minimum amount recommend to use with this EA
    Answer: You can work with as little as $100 only with this EA, but you should open cent account in that case.

    Question:     Any special leverage requirement for this EA?
    Answer: This EA can be used on any leverage.

    Question:     Can this EA use SL & TP with each position? If yes, then are they customizable by me or not?
    Answer: Yes, it use SL and TP with each position, and SL/TP are well customizable by you.

    Question:     I am afraid with Martingale type technique, is this EA also based on martingale?
    Answer: This EA uses a mix of Martingale and Grid pattern. When it gets signal for buy/sell only then it opens the position. So it's buy/sell signal may wrong first time, second time but of course not always, so its smart trade logic with robust signals give you a handsome profit.

    Question:     If my account size is big, like $100,000 or above then can I trust on this EA?
    Answer: Sure! I have designed this EA very safely, there is no kids like code behind this EA. You can trust. But still afraid then try it on demo first and after then go for live trading

    Question:     How many Live account you allow to trade with my purchase?
    Answer: You can try this EA on unlimited number of Demo accounts and on 5 Live account with 1 purchase.

    Question:     Why only 5 Live accounts?
    Answer: You are getting this EA for a very reasonable price related to its performance, this price can be achieved in just few days of trading by this EA. So why you don't purchase it again to use it on more Live accounts! I also need little bit profit and appreciation from my clients 

    Question:     I don't know how to install an Expert Advisor (EA) in MT4, will you help me?
    Answer: Of course, I will provide you all installation steps of this EA. But still if you face problem, then I will help you. I will try my best to assist you.

    Question:     Lets suppose you upgrade your EA, then will you ask more money for that upgraded version?
    Answer: Of course NOT! All upgraded versions will be absolutely FREE of cost to clients.

    If you have any question in your mind, then please email me at Steffan.Kors@Gmail.Com or contact me via Contact Us page.

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