From where EA gets News?

This EA gets news from https://www.forexfactory.com/calendar.php It is a well known economic calendar.

Do I need any specific setting in my MT4 to get news?

Yes, in your MT4 terminal please click on Tools menu >>> Options; then go to the Expert Advisors tab. Now you will get following screen. Please do CHECK on Allow WebRequest for listed URL: and then double click on add new URL like, and then type or paste https://cdn-nfs.faireconomy.media/ 

Please see the following screen:

If you don't do the above step, then EA won't fetch News from ForexFactory economic calendar.

What information will be available on my chart related to News? Can I read news on my chart?

EA draws vertical red color lines on your chart. It will display only those news which you have selected in EA settings for trade(it is explained further in this page). When you hover your mouse pointer on these vertical lines then you get headline of news like following:

How much I can customize this EA for News? I mean to say, can I set EA to trade only on specific news(Low/Medium/High impact news) for specific currency(EUR,USD,GBP etc.)?

This EA is well customizable on news. Following are the news related parameters in EA:

Now I try my best to explain above News related parameters.

Broker_GMT= 0.0
You have to set correct Broker_GMT offset value towards this parameter. Be careful! if you set wrong value to this parameter, then EA can not trade on right time for News. You can ask the GMT Offset from your broker. To know about GMT Offset you can read this link http://www.superscalper.xyz/gmt-offset.aspx

ForexFactory_GMT= 0.0
This EA gets news from ForexFactory calendar. At present the URL of Forexfactory calendar which I am using for news is based on GMT+0. So I have set it 0. You can leave as it is. If you want to trade this EA on News events, then both GMT offset values (Broker_GMT & ForexFactory_GMT) must be correct.

You can specify Currency names separated by comma(,) Suppose you set AUD,GBP,USD then EA will get news only for these currencies But if you left it blank, then EA will get news only current chart's currencies.

EA refreshes news from Forexfactory calendar at 60 minutes interval. Last refresh time can be seen on your MT4 chart as following:

If it is true then EA gets Low Impact news from ForexFactory calendar.

If it is true then EA gets Medium Impact news from ForexFactory calendar.

If it is true then EA gets High Impact news from ForexFactory calendar.

So by using above 3 parameters you can set any type of news or all types of news as True or False for trading.

EA activates itself for trading 5-minutes before the News event.

EA remains activate for trading until 20-minutes after the News event.

If it is true, then EA will trade only on News, and will remain inactive rest of the time. But if you want to trade on other Days/Hours too, then you can set Trading_Only_on_News=false and specify your Days/Hours for trading. 

If you have any question in your mind, then please email me at Steffan.Kors@Gmail.Com or contact me via Contact Us page.

Thank you!

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